Looking at the rise in cardiac complications in West Yorkshire and our local population, we decided to overhaul the cardiac care in 4 domains.

We are now starting to carry out home monitoring for early detection with hand held devices to diagnose Heart electrical problems all from the comfort of patients own home.​​

Patients at risk of heart disease are being identified and their medication and cholesterol levels are being checked, with plans to make contact via letter or text message regarding proposed changes to medication if required.

It is the biggest pandemic facing cardiology care, we have designed new testing and management pathways with home monitoring and medication to go hand in hand with lifestyle changes.

Again some of you will be contacted if you are found to have high and suboptimal BP control.

Care of this condition has been stagnant for a number of years due to lack of medical advancements but things have changed now. We have new medication, new devices and more understanding of how to deal with the condition.

We are already starting to optimize medication, finding people at risk of deterioration and getting them early intervention to avoid further complications and hospital admissions.